The basic idea is that study of human cognition has largely been through disciplinary methodology that supports white supremacy (‘white’ people as default/superior). There are exceptions from various scholars and schools of though outside of the USA and Western dominated disciplines (e.g., ‘Mainstream’ Psychology and Cognitive Science). There is plenty of evidence that scholars are at least aware of the drawbacks this approach and its history and current place in supporting white supremacy.

The approach we take in characterizing and seeking to understand human cognition needs, at the very least a major renovation. How do we construct an updated study of human cognition? I think a lot of the ingredients of what we’d need for a critical approach to human cognition exist in various frameworks and approaches across the social sciences. Many of these disciplines are grappling with similar issues around how work supports (or doesn’t) white supremacy and colonialism. Those of us who are interested in human cognition can survey the advancements made across these disciplines and integrate them into our own pursuit.